Ethos at Stepping Stones

Our ethos is to ensure that each child who enters our door is loved and cherished as all children should be. We strive to provide an environment where we love, educate and care for each child, in doing this we prepare them with the tools and skills necessary for everyday life. We appreciates the uniqueness of each child as an individual and we watch this flourish through play, freedom of choice, and early education methods. Children in our care, are always and will always be our paramount concern.


We work in conjunction with both parents and the relevant statutory bodies to provide the highest possible standard of childcare, and ensure that these levels are maintained. The activities provided in the pre-school setting reflect the child's experiences and home background. It is important for parents to form close links with the our staff so that home, pre-school and the greater environment combine to enrich and benefit their child's development. As children benefit from a range of experiences, it is crucial that parents/carers are aware of how these assist their children's learning through play and how they can extend this at home.


Children learn about the world through their senses and their first response to sand, water, clay and play-dough are sensuous: they touch, pat, swirl and stroke them, taking pleasure in the experience. These materials offer rich learning opportunities for children but the learning would not take place without the children's own delight in the substances themselves. It is pleasure that provides the motivation for play.


Pre-school activities are based on sound principles of child development and promote children's learning.


Stepping Stones Ethos



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