Anti-Bias Policy

Stepping Stones policy is to promote an inclusive anti-bias curriculum which will value the uniqueness of each child acknowledging gender, culture or national origin, religion, family diversity, age, race, ability and indigenous peoples.


Our Anti-Bias policy underpins the entire philosophy of the Service. It is reflected in the consistent and active right of every individual to develop to their fullest potential. The provision of relevant and appropriate programs and activities will ensure that children find expression for their individual needs.



This learning will help children develop understanding and acceptance of people by learning the real and everyday culture and lifestyles of a variety of groups in society. The adoption of an inclusive and anti-bias perspective provides an umbrella for progressive programme, which in turn will seek to counter societal discrimination.


Staff will work with one another, families and children to continue to extend both their individual and communities cultural competence. We will expose children to a wide variety of concrete materials from daily life of families/cultures.


Stepping Stones at Tierneevin